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Gerber Mondays

Practice Party


As a part of Gerber Mondays, parents are invited to join Dr. Reimer for conversations about the current operations of the Dorothy Gerber Strings Program as well as providing feedback for future initiatives. Dr. Reimer and Chas Helge always welcome input from parents as well as response to new class models. 

The new Fall Schedule will be posted soon!

Parent Mondays

Chas Helge, DGSP Assistant Music Director

Dr. David Reimer, DGSP Music Director

Intermediate-level DGSP students are invited to attend drop-in events that provide them with an opportunity to play in an orchestra with other students in the program. The Dorothy Gerber Orchestra will be held on select Monday nights  from 7:00-9:00 pm at the Round Lake Facility in Charlevoix. Upon arrival, students will pick up the music they will learn in the course of the evening and will have opportunities to learn their parts in a variety of ways. Midway through the evening, the entire group will come together to rehearse, ending with a performance for parents at the end of the night. Each session stands on its own, so students can attend one or all of the orchestra events. DGSP faculty will teach the music and conduct the orchestra. Walk-ins are always welcome, but we are able to be more prepared if you RSVP at least three days in advance to 

The Dorothy Gerber Orchestra will be held on select Monday nights  from 7:00-9:00 pm at the Round Lake Facility:

​Fall Schedule to be announced soon!

Dorothy Gerber

Orchestra Mondays

Gerber Mondays provide a variety of opportunities for families interested in strings education for their children. All events are offered at no charge and are sad alone experiences. Gerber Mondays are held in Charlevoix - you are welcome to drop in as you wish. If you have an upper intermediate student who would like a greater challenge playing in an orchestra, plan let us know! If you want to encourage your student(s) to practice, bring them to a Practice Party.  If you are a parent with questions or is interested in discussing future projects with Dr. Reimer, drop in on one of the Parent Sessions.  You can RSVP for Gerber Mondays at

Often practice is something a student does in a room by themselves (except for Suzuki kids who practice with their parents!), but at DGSP practice parties, your children can benefit from the energy of many students working together!  

DGSP teachers will be on hand to assist students who need a little extra help. Teachers will also provide practice tips to participating students and there will be treats as well!

Held at the Round Lake facility in Charlevoix (108 E. Garfield Ave) on select Monday nights (January 29, February 12 and 26, and March 12) from 7:00-8:30pm, students will have space to practice on their own as well as in a “buddy system”.  

Fall Schedule to be announced soon!