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June 24 – 28, Mon-Fri, 10 - Noon

July 29 - August 2,  Mon-Fri,  12:30-4:30

Fiddle Camp

July 8-19,   MWF,  1 - 5 pm

The Cummings
​Chamber Music Camp

Gerber Strings Summer Programs

WHERE: Beaver Island Community School
Fee: $100 camp

Flights- Additional $200 for flights to & from mainland each day ($560 Value)  
Scenic Beaver Island is the location for this unique music camp experience that will provide students with instruction from the musicians of Baroque on Beaver Island.  Great music abounds on the island during the week of Baroque and the students will get to be right in the middle of it, hearing performances and giving performances themselves.  This camp is designed for students who have at least one year of playing experience on violin, viola, cello or bass and are capable of reading music.  Students on the island – both year-around and summer-only residents - are invited to participate while a special package is available for mainlanders who would be interested in flying each day to this island adventure.

Charlevoix County Community Foundation

​​Thank You to Charlevoix County Community Foundation for a $5,000 donation to subsidize the private lessons.

WHERE: Charlevoix
Fee: $125 

The Cummings String Quartet will host this exciting two-week session of chamber music in Charlevoix.  Chamber music provides wonderful opportunities to learn music in small teams, helping students to develop the independence necessary to play their own part while working together with other students as an ensemble.  Students will have opportunities to interact with the Cummings Quartet as they listen to them perform, play alongside and receive instruction from them in a variety of contexts.  This camp is appropriate for students who have at least two years of playing experience and the ability to read music.  Students who play violin, viola, cello, bass or piano are invited to register.

Orchestra on Beaver Island

The Dorothy Gerber Summer Strings Camps are underwritten by a generous gift from the
Cummings Foundation allowing students to continue their education throughout the summer months at a greatly reduced fee.  If a student is in need of further assistance the parents may contact
David Reimer at (616) 828-8321 or contact Charlevoix Circle of Arts at (231) 547-3554 
​and consideration will be made.

We hope that your students are as enthused as we are to be involved in the creative and inspirational camps that the DGSP has worked to provide.
Registrations can be made online at: or at the Charlevoix Circle of Arts.

Where: Charlevoix

Fee: $65

Start your summer with a fun week of fiddling with the DGSP!  Students with at least one year of playing experience on violin, viola, cello or bass are invited to attend this camp in Charlevoix!  This year's camp will end with students performing at the East Jordan's Freedom Festival.  Learn how to play music by ear and other skills as you play popular music styles with our exciting teaching staff.

( Friday's  performance time is 6:15 pm)