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The Dorothy Gerber Youth Orchestra is a string ensemble that provides advanced students with the opportunity to play more advanced literature.  Students also learn how to thrive in an ensemble setting, where they demonstrate the discipline to perform a musical line that may run counter to other voices in the orchestra, yet also recognize when they need to blend with parallel parts.  The DGYO is directed by Dr. David Reimer and also receives opportunities to study with members of The Cummings String Quartet and other members of the DGSP faculty.

The DGYO meets weekly, on Mondays from 6:00-7:30 p.m., at the Charlevoix Circle of Arts.  Students in the DGYO are encouraged to also take private lessons and participate in the DGSP class in their local schools.  The DGYO welcomes students from throughout the Northwest Michigan region.  Entry to the DGYO is determined by Dr. Reimer, who will take teacher recommendations and possibly an audition into consideration.  
In 2018, the DGYO has performed on the DGSP Spring Concert at Charlevoix High School, the Great Lakes Center for the Arts and the Venetian Festival.